Two significant events regarding children literature and book art are taking place at the National Library of Latvia

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Two significant events regarding children literature and book art are taking place at the National Library of Latvia
Two significant events regarding children literature and book art are taking place at the National Library of Latvia

On the 21 April, 2017, in the National Library of Latvia (NLL) Ziedonis Hall from 10.30 until 15.20 a Spring conference will take place "I Belong Here: A Conference for Specialists of Children Literature and Libraries".

The conference will be introduced by five new authors that recently started an illustrator or writer career: Mārtiņš Zutis, Māra Viška, Rūta Briede, Ruta Svaža, Sanita Reinsone.

Ilze Stikāne, professor at the University of Latvia, will analyse tendencies, news, successes and misfortunes of children and youth original literature issued in Latvia last year. She writes about her theme: "More than 75 new original literature books have been published in Latvia in 2016 which is an evidence on a stable creation and issuing process of children and youth books, but there are few surprises. As observed for several years, mostly there are literary fairy tales, fantasies and fantasy genre books, but only few works of prose reflecting on the real life. As always, there are more than 10 poetry books, including some that are excellent. Yearly increase of illustration books and flourishing of book art give joy - wonderful books have been created by already experienced and professional illustrators and the new ones make us happy with originally fresh approach."

An artist Rūta Briede, lecturer at the Art Academy of Latvia, will read a presentation "Time – the definite and the indefinite: About the Latest in Illustration of Latvian Books". Sandra Okuņeva, lecturer at the University of Latvia, will give an evaluation in her report about the translated literature for children and youth issued in 2016. Rūta Petrauska, scientist of theatre, will talk about the new course of the Puppet Theatre of Latvia, marked by a successful cooperation of several producers and new artists. Silvija Tretjakova, manager of NLL Centre of Children Literature will introduce the listeners with the most significant successes and news in library work with children and youth auditorium "Libraries 2015 – a place for children, books, reading and conversations". Juka Rislaki, journalist and writer, will tell about his recently published book "Wolves, Devils and Men" dedicated to the life and works of the artist, book illustrator and author Alberts Kronenbergs (1887–1958).

At the end of the conference it is planned that Liora Grasmane, Israeli illustrator, exhibition curator, will give a lecture "Illustrating "us" – visual creation of the new nation", where she intends to talk about changes in values and lifestyle of Israel since birth of Israel in 1948 until nowadays by looking at illustration themes from different perspectives. Liora Grasmane emigrated from Lithuania to Israel when she was five. After graduating from Art and Design Academy of Israel "Bezalel", she worked as a graphic designer and visualizer for advertisement agencies and food companies. Liora Grasmane has illustrated more than 150 children and youth books; from 1997 until 2012 she has worked as a professor in several art academies in Israel as well as given lectures on Israeli children literature in the United States of America and Latin America.

At 15.30 on the level 7 of the library an opening of the exhibition "I Belong Here: Places and Scenes of Israel in children books illustrations from 1948 until 2014" will take place. There will be illustrations represented which has been created since the birth of Israel until nowadays. The exhibition has been displayed in Israel and travels around the world since 2014.

The curator says: "This exhibition is not intended to comprise all the aspects of our existence in Israel. It represents only a small part from all the Israeli children books. It refers to the new children literature in Hebrew." The exhibition has been created by help of collectors, researchers, academic personnel, curators, museum directors, book editors, publishers, journalists, librarians and ministries.

The conference and the opening of the exhibition is organized by NLL, the Children and Youth Literature Council of Latvia in cooperation with the embassy of Israel in Riga. The exhibition is available until 28 May, 2017. Entrance free of charge.

Mon.–Fri. 9.00–20.00
Sat.–Sun. 10.00–17.00


The information prepared by:
Silvija Tretjakova
Head of the Children's Literature Centre
National Library of Latvia
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