Guidelines for accepting donations

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  1. NLL gratefully accepts all donations what comply with its basic principles for creation and development of collection.
  2. All donations become the property of the library and are assessed, processed, cataloged and integrated in a common library collection according to their nature and content in the same way as purchased and in targeted manner completed publications and materials, and they are subject to all the same conditions of use.
  3. Upon previous agreement and informing the donor on it, the library reserves the right not to include in its collection completely all donated editions, unless the gift is accepted on the base of special agreement. If the donation as a whole does not meet the NLL collection, the library staff can recommend other libraries or institutions for the donor.
  4. What donations are not accepted:
    • editionsthat do not comply with the fundamental principles of the NLL collection development;
    • editions in Latvian which are in library collection in full exemplarity;
    • textbooks of standard editions;
    • editions with underlines, notes, damaged, torn editions, editions in poor condition (other than antiques of Latvia or related to Latvia with the rarity of characteristics);
    • incomplete sets of periodicals (except when they are necessary for supplement or renewal of the set);
    • separate copies of articles and cut-outs of newspapers and magazines;
    • foreign newspapers
  5. Procedure for acceptance and assessment of donations:
    1. Donations are notified inNLL Collection development department and agreed with the staff of Collection development department.
    2. Potential donors before acceptance of the donation are introduced to the conditions of acceptance of donation by NLL. The donor may receive a written acknowledgment of donation if he/she wishes so.
    3. Potential donations, consisting on editions on specific collections (rarities, audiovisual material, maps, sheet music, graphic editions), are assessed and accepted by the corresponding collection managers and leading specialists. Donations, which, after assessment of the staff of funds of branch reading rooms and of specialcollectionsare rejected for inclusion in NLL collection are offered for Reserve exchange fund or there is found other, potentially better use for them.
    4. Upon previous harmonization the name of the donator is written in the special stamp in the title page of the book.