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Possible thematic basic directions for collection supplement

  1. Heritage. Creative diversity
    It covers mainly the humanitarian fields, cultural heritage, various creative industries (arts, music, etc.).
  2. National. Global. Multifaceted world
    It covers social sectors and activities, dynamic development processes in the world, environmental problems, “green thinking”, new interdisciplinary disciplines.
  3. Innovation. Technology. Science. Humanitarian dominance
    It covers innovation, technology and scientific advances, their impact on society, people.

In cooperation with the sponsor and, if necessary, also inviting industry experts to each of these thematic directions there will be selected and offered specific information resources and editions for financial support.


Information resources and editions

Electronic resources:

  • full-text databases, especially in humanities and social sciences:
    • full-text journals
    • full-text databases in individual sectors
    • archives of full text of journals and newspapers
  • bibliographic databases and special sectoral indices (indicators), which form academic standard of research libraries for any developed country
  • full-text databases of international organization publications
  • e-books.

Branch literature and special types of editions:

  • valuable and rare foreign editions on Latvia and Latvians, published in previous centuries (purchased mostly antique shops);
  • academic, classic scientific editions in humanities and social sciences, incl. collected works by branch classics;
  • textually and visually high-quality editions in various artistic fields, monographs on the most outstanding representatives (architecture, design, photography, fine arts, theatre, cinema);
  • special types of editions for supplementation of NLL special collections - sheet music, maps, audiovisual materials, such as collected works of academic sheet music (Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Wagner, etc.); DVD collection of outstanding music performances and concert recordings of outstanding academic musicians, etc.


We offer for collaboration partners

  • to inform the press and other media on donations;
  • to publish information on donations in NLL Website;
  • to place logos and gratitude in all informational materials for electronic resources, including a website;
  • to devote a separate stand in NLL News Reading Room with information on donations;
  • to make a special gift stamp or sticker which will be printed or pasted in title page of the book;
  • to create a systematic list of donations what at the end of the project may be issued as a separate newsletter what in the future, if necessary, would allow to reconstruct the collection of donations as a whole.