Spring public lecture at the Canadian Culture Club

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Spring public lecture at the Canadian Culture Club
Spring public lecture at the Canadian Culture Club

On 22 March, 15.00 at the National Library of Latvia's Canadian Culture Club (Level 3, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Reading Room) a public lecture by Dr Edgars Ošiņš will be held. Topic: Celebration of Diversity in Dionne Brand's Fiction. Free entrance.

Dionne Brand, a major Canadian writer, winner of several prestigious literary awards and also the Poet laureate of the city of Toronto from 2009 to 2012, has tirelessly explored the ambiguities of life in this global city in her fiction and poetry. Her novels What We All Long For (2005) and Love Enough (2014) cherish the vibrant heterogeneity of the multicultural metropolis. The characters represent a cross-section of truly global variety of ethnic backgrounds, refusing to accept national identifications and considering themselves as children of the city, transgressing imposed borders in the process of carving out their own personal and communal spaces.

Openness, mobility and creativity are the enabling factors for growth and eventual fulfilment. The urban scene is presented not so much in factual detail but rather as a contradictory and sensuous environment for endless cultural and personal encounters. Some children of the city, like Tuyen, the artist, turn their very immediate living space into a dynamic, inclusive installation of art that defies traditional limits. Still others are only still moving towards some transformation, while there are also those who drift towards violence and destructive criminality. Dionne Brand does not aim to judge and punish. Her aim is rather to present the whole complexity of the modern city as grim and glorious, circumscribed and joyously free.


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