Parking space

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Parking space
Parking space

Cars can be parked at NLL parking space (Mūkusalas iela 5) or on nearby streets: Valguma iela, Klīveru iela, Staraja Rusas iela, Akmeņu iela, Mūkusalas iela.

NLL parking space rate: 2,00 EUR (1 hour). Discount for library visitors: 1,00 EUR (1 hour); each additional hour 0,65 EUR. For discount and paying in cash apply at NLL Welcome Desk (Level 1).

You can pay for parking on-site in the parking space by payment card or by using the Mobilly smartphone app.

Instructions for using Mobilly in the parking space:
The parking space operates by a barrier system. Prior to driving in, select zone LNB (National Library of Latvia parking space) and commence payment – the entry barrier will open. To exit, cease payment in the application, and the exit barrier will open. Visitors to the Library during working hours can receive a discount. To claim this, please go to the NLL Welcome Desk (Level 1) before leaving and provide your car's registration number. If you have any questions, please contact Mobilly Customer Service on 1859.