Digital Humanities

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National Library of Latvia (NLL) offers its collections of both digitalised and digitally created texts for use in computerised analysis for research and study purposes.

The ambitious digitalisation of NLL's collections gives a unique opportunity to the researchers from both Latvia and abroad not only to read the electronic books and periodicals, but also enables computerised research and data processing within the collections of Latvia's digitalised texts.

This particular branch of scientific research is internationally known as Digital Humanities. However, it must be noted that apart from the Humanities (i.e. linguistics, literature, anthropology, archaeology, history, theology etc.) the method of computerised analysis and visualisation of texts, sounds, pictures and videos is extensively used also in social sciences (i.e. sociology, communication science, political science) as well as in sciences (i.e. computer science or geography).

The above mentioned NLL's services can be used in both research and study projects. We offer an individual approach in order to take into consideration the individual requirements regarding the contents, format, scope and other parameters of the information needed.

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All the collections of the Latvian National Digital Library can be found HERE.

More information about the Digital Humanities in Latvia can be found at our website