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Latvian publishing statistics are collected based on the Cabinet of Ministers regulation and Section 4 of the Statistics Law, thus ensuring that goals of the national Official statistics programme are met.

The statistics consist of the data on publishing that are collected based on reports on publishing sent in by publishers and on legal deposit copies received by the National Library of Latvia (NLL).

Collections include the data on annual publishing output but may also include the data on books published the previous year if the legal deposit copies of those have been received during the statistical year, which begins on 15 January.

Latvijas izdevējdarbības statistika 2017 (PDF)
Latvijas izdevējdarbības statistika 2016 (PDF)
Latvijas izdevējdarbības statistika 2015 (PDF)
Latvijas izdevējdarbības statistika 2014 (PDF)
Latvijas izdevējdarbības statistika 2013 (PDF)
Latvijas Prese 2012 (PDF)
Latvijas Prese 2011 (PDF)
Latvijas Prese 2010 (PDF)
Latvijas Prese 2009 (PDF)

Collections from 1989 to 2008 are available in reading rooms of the NLL.

  • Dataset for research on publishing in Latvia
    Broad information on publications in non-aggregate form (does not include the data on print runs):


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