Photography exhibition "Feelings Near Me"

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Photography exhibition "Feelings Near Me"
Photography exhibition "Feelings Near Me"

Photography exhibition Feelings Near Me held by the Foundation "Come Along" is displaying photography from long time participants in the foundation – young people with disibilities and children from Riga’s Boarding school for the deaf and hard of hearing. These photos represent a wide range of moments that young photographers have tried to perpetuate; A fragrent field of grain after threshing, a grandmother in her cottage, the moments in the sounds of music… Exhibition can be viewed at the Conference Centre (level -1) at the National Library of Latvia till 30 December. Free admission.

The knowledge of photography continues to be taught by the famous Latvian photographer Janis Mednis.

Janis Mednis says: "Photography is a universal art that connects us and is understandable to most people on this planet. Regardless of skin color, cultural experiences, it allows us to look at the world exactly as we want – an original, personal and other easily accessible form. Through photography picture as the story takes on a new reality and the world. Every person perceives it and develops, fantasize that moment on. That’s why photography is interesting because it can stop the time, making us happier."

Mon.–Fri. 9.00–20.00
Sat., Sun. 10.00–17.00


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