Epidemiological safety

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Only fully vaccinated persons or persons with undergone COVID-19 infection with valid interoperable certificates may visit the National Library of Latvia in an epidemiologically safe environment.

Children under age of 12 can visit the Library only if they are accompanied by an adult who has a vaccination or COVID-19 recovery certificate. Children from the age of 12 must present a certificate of vaccination or COVID-19 recovery certificate, or a laboratory certificate of a negative screening test in the last 72 hours.

When visiting the National Library of Latvia, it is mandatory to wear a face mask and maintain a distance of 2m from other persons.

The NLL will ensure continuous control of the number of readers in the building in order to prevent overcrowding and to ensure compliance with 2m social distancing.

The Library will not provide services to persons not complying with epidemiological safety requirements, including not wearing a face mask and not maintaining 2m social distancing.

The Library has the right to deny access to persons with symptoms of respiratory infectious disease or to require them to leave.

Visitors are provided with all safety measures for hand hygiene: hand sanitizers are available in the atrium, in all reading rooms and by multifunctional equipment. Visitors can wash their hands in the toilets on all levels.

All rooms are cleaned and surfaces disinfected once a day; handles, railings, public toilets, cloakroom locker doors and handles and individual reading room booths are cleaned and disinfected once every three hours.

The Library building is equipped with a climate and ventilation control system, ensuring continuous air quality monitoring.