A large-scale art installation at the National Library

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Publicity photo
Publicity photo

Until December 2023, the installation – A Polemic of Two Metrics – is on display on Level 2 of the National Library of Latvia. The installation forms a spatial, temporal and audio choreography, and centres on a large suspended sculpture derived from the 'puzuris', a traditional Latvian and Lithuanian mobile made from straw that consists of a double pyramid rotating around its axis. For technical reasons, the installation is temporarily unavailable.

'Puzuris' used to mark moments of transition in life, such as solstices, births or weddings, its constant movement is meant to scare away evil spirits and give blessings to newly married couples. It can also evoke superstitious beliefs and is thought to suck up all negative energies when it spins.

Like an Indian dreamcatcher, the 'puzuris' exists as a divine object in a domestic setting. They are said to capture the ungraspable truths of which humans have always been scared. But for IevaKrish this artefact is interesting for being commonly understood as a miniature depiction of the universe. In this regard, the ‘puzuris’ should not be read as a merely sculptural object, but as a projection of ideal space, a shaping of the void into geometrical order.

IevaKrish's version of the 'puzuris' differs from the traditional version in that it has been split in half, creating two autonomous pyramids that rotate separately, coexist and influence one another. This refers to the thoughts of the Serbian historian and writer Milorad Pavič, for whom the present is the moment of life, at the intersection of time (finite) and eternity (infinite). In Second Body, he wrote that 'the universe was created when time cut eternity into two and thus made two eternities out of one: the past and the future.'