Illuminate Latvia - travelling exhibition in English to be opened

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A travelling exhibition and film Izgaismot Latviju (Illuminate Latvia), in English, will open at 14.00 on 10 July at the National Library of Latvia (NLL) as one of the NLL’s centenary events. The exhibition and the film will be on display, in English, at the NLL until 31 July and will be an opportunity for interested persons and foreign tourists to find out about the nature and people of Latvia’s border regions. Entrance is free.

Alongside the Illuminate Latvia exhibition, which was curated by Velga Vītols, every visitor can watch the accompanying film in the Friends of the NLL Room. The film, a joint effort by director Jānis Rēdlihs and students and faculty members of the RISEBA School of Business, Arts and Technology, is a humane sincerity-filled look at the expeditionary trips around Latvia which, with the participation of thousands of Latvian residents, took place over three and a half years in 43 municipalities in Latvia’s border regions. In total, there will be ten film screenings in English and Latvian, so that every resident of and visitor to Rīga can have an opportunity to see Latvia from another perspective.

Film screening times:
10 July at 15.00
11 July at 11.00, 13.00 & 15.00
15 July at 14.00
17 July at 16:00
22 July at 14.00
24 July at 16:00
29 July at 14.00
31 July at 16:00

As of 10 July, a new stage will start in the life of the exhibition– it will be digitised at the NLL to ensure its preservation and to mark the uniqueness of the path it took around Latvia, thus becoming digital heritage for future generations. “The presence of the exhibition at the NLL is in harmony with the Library’s concert hall being named in honour of the poet Imants Ziedonis. Another important historical milestone is the creation of the Ziedonis Museum, which began with the launch of the music album Viegli on 2 May 2011 on the site of the Library’s yet-to-be-built concert hall, with the participation of Imants Ziedonis himself” states NLL Director Andris Vilks.

“Illuminate Latvia is a dedication to Latvia and its inhabitants and tells the story of the walks exploring the road around Latvia and the people who devoted their time and energy to this idea. About what Latvia is, what the many participants in these walks saw on their way. The film documents what Latvia’s border regions were at the time, and tells us what we ourselves were – the residents of Latvia, so that every foreign visitor to the exhibition and film at the NLL will be able to get to know us Latvians! The film is also unique because of the involvement of the Imants Ziedonis Museum in its production. I am proud that we can call ourselves the first museum in Latvia under whose auspices a full-length documentary film and exhibition have been created” says Žanete Grende, representing the Council of the Imants Ziedonis Museum Trust.

The Illuminate Latvia film and exhibition were created thanks to the support of the BlueOrange bank, while the BTA Baltic Insurance Company provided translation of the film and exhibition into English, so that it could be enjoyed by as many foreign tourists as possible. After its Rīga stop at the NLL, on 2 August the Illuminate Latvia exhibition, together with director Jānis Rēdlihs’ film of the same name, will travel to Kolka. Information on further film screenings, as well as the exhibition’s tour around Latvia can be found on the Imants Ziedonis Museum website and on the museum’s Facebook page. All Illuminate Latvia cultural events are part of the activities implemented with the support of the ALTUM Development Finance Institution and European Social Fund project No – Support for social entrepreneurship.

More information:
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