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29/10/2019 Photo by Kristians Luhaers Exposition from the library's collection "A Letter from Cupid" View 16/10/2019 Photo by Kristians Luhaers Opening of exhibition "In Defence of Freedom. British Military and Diplomatic Support to Latvia 1918–1920" View
15/09/2019 Photo by Kristians Luhaers The closing event of the Festival "Poetry Days 2019" View 07/09/2019 Photo by Kristians Luhaers Silent disco View
31/08/2019 From left: Dagnija Baltiņa, NLL Head of Special Collections Department, Kevin Rex, Canadian Ambassador to Latvia. Photo by Inese Kalniņa Gift from Embassy of Canada in Latvia View 31/08/2019 Photo by Inese Kalniņa NLL centenary celebration View
29/08/2019 Photo by Kristians Luhaers Opening of exhibition "Invisible Libraries" View 26/06/2019 Professor Mark Watson-Gandy Gift from professor Mark Watson-Gandy View
19/06/2019 Photo by Kristians Luhaers Reception of international partners of the National Library of Latvia View 18/06/2019 Photo by Jevgenijs Sisojevs Opening of exhibition "The Early Years of Lithography" View
03/06/2019 Photo by Kristians Luhaers Gifts from members of the European Writers' Council View 15/05/2019 Photo by Kristians Luhaers Opening of exhibition "The Steffenhagens of Jelgava 1769–1919" View
23/04/2019 From left: Coordinator for the Catalan National Assembly in Latvia Linda Mazure, NLL executive director Dzintra Mukāne Gifts from the President-in-exile of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont i Casamajó and President of Catalonia Quim Torra View 09/04/2019 Photo by Kristians Luhaers Opening of exhibitions "Five Homes. Stories About Adaptating" and "Inventory" View
02/04/2019 Photo by Kristians Luhaers A gift from Class 1d of Rīga's No 6 Secondary School View 07/03/2019 Photo by Roberts Svižeņecs Opening of exhibition "Latvia and Poland: So Far Away and Yet So Close. More Than 100 Years of Common History" View
27/02/2019 Photo by Kristians Luhaers A gift from German TV show "Timster" View 14/02/2019 Books were received by Valters Ščerbinskis, editor-in-chief of the National Encyclopaedia Gifts from staff of Latvia's Centenary Information Centre View
16/01/2019 From left: Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to Latvia Ladislav Babčan, NLL director Andris Vilks A gift from President of the Slovak Republic Andrej Kiska View 18/12/2018 Albert Pèlach and his wife Betina Askanazy in the Manor house of Bebrene at an opening of the National Encyclopaedia A gift from Albert Pèlach, Director of Enciclopèdia Catalana View