The festival "Riga Photomonth 2018" exhibition "Bodybuilding"

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Photo by Elizabete Ezergaile
Photo by Elizabete Ezergaile

From 8 May to 3 June, 2018 the International Festival "Riga Photomonth 2018" exhibition "Bodybuilding" will take place at the National Library of Latvia (Level 1: Exhibition Hall II). Free admission.

Latvian artists of the youngest generation use the medium of photography in order to create sculptures and installations that resonate with the literal and metaphorical meaning of the body building and its references in the popular culture.

Participants - Elizabete Ezergaile, Elizabete Džeina Rubene, Luīze Nežberte, Rasa Pavilona, Beāte Poikāne.

Curated by Elīna Sproģe.

Mon.–Fri. 9.00–20.00
Sat.–Sun. 10.00–17.00

Festival "Riga Photomonth 2018" website