Exhibition "Inventory"

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Photo by Kristians Luhaers
Photo by Kristians Luhaers

The exhibition addresses the working conditions and objects in the environments of the Library's historical homes. It reveals the world of objects as a part of human social life, prompting us to think about the institutional and the personal, the unnecessary and that still useful, the valuable and the sentimental.

The exhibits chosen include historical furniture and stationery, tools, civil-protection masks sewn by staff themselves, tenderly cared for and still-in-use ceramic vases, etc. Alongside items having museum-value, the exhibition features objects, whose worth has been given by a personal touch that fits into the story of the Library's history.

When moving to our new building, the Library gained a new identity. The exhibited collection items, photographs, works of art and workers' keepsakes capture the changes that have affected working conditions, inter-personal communication and day-to-day rituals. The exhibition also includes objects that have been preserved inadvertently. The exhibition’s unexpected objects encourage us to reassess our preconceptions of what we consider worthy of preservation.

Venue: Exhibition Hall II, Level 1
Free admission.


Curator and text author:
Kristīne Liniņa

Tatjana Raičiņeca

Exhibition constructors:
Ainārs Egle
Jevgenijs Sisojevs
Dzintars Volmanis
Augusts Kūravs