Exhibition-installation "Water Reflections" by Tina Eskilsson

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Publicity photo
Publicity photo

Until 8 September 2019, the National Library of Latvia (NLL) Level 1 orangery will feature the exhibition-installation Water Reflections by Swedish artist Tina Eskilsson. Water Reflections is a site specific installation tailor-made for the Baltic Sea Festival and the National Library building in Riga. Free admission.

Exhibition consists of 28 small low plexiglass tables filled with water from the Baltic Sea, placed on the floor inside the premises. The water is reflected in mirrors beneath the objects. Reflections of the water from underneath create an illusion of holes in the floor and no water puddle looks exactly the same as any other.

Like other installations by artist Tina Eskilsson, this is also a creation constantly changing. Water will be evaporating and shifting form during the time of the exhibition from 25 August to 8 September.

Tina Eskilsson is a Swedish artist born in Smålandsstenar. Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Water is a constant theme in Tina Eskilsson’s art. She uses sound, light, drawing, painting, film, performance, photo and different printing and graphic techniques to illustrate the concerns regarding the behaviour and importance of water. Her works have been presented at large-scale solo exhibitions at major art museums and prominent international art galleries around the world in Australia, Brazil, Cuba, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Poland, Turkey, Qatar and USA. Tina has also orchestrated numerous public commissions at hospitals, schools and public swimming pools. Her art is represented in museums and important art collections. Tina has assigned a number of prestigious awards and scholarships. More: www.tinaeskilsson.com.