Photo exhibition "What I Noticed..."

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Thu, 17/01/2019 to Sun, 17/02/2019

Venue: Conference Centre, Level -1

At the 3rd photo exhibition of the Foundation Come along! you can see photos by former participants – young people with special needs, as well as by newcomers – children from the Riga 5th Boarding School. These photographs show various moments that have 'caught the eye'.  However, each of them carries special associations and feelings of the moment. For a stranger, a photo of stacked wood blocks will resemble an ordinary pile of timber, but it holds an abundance of emotions for its author Kristiāna, because it is her 'Grandmother's linden'. Roberts' little pine might not mean anything to others, but only he and Anna know that the pine has travelled a long way from the Zemgale region, from the Come along! forest planting event to Roberts' countryside home, where he planted it himself. We can only guess why Dāvis described tulip blooms as enchanted... Each of these photos hide a story, and a wholly different story might unfold, unlike what the author felt initially. Either way, it will tell a story.

The photography exhibition includes stories by 10 young disabled people.

Renowned Latvian photo artist Jānis Deinats encouraged and advised the young people on taking photos.

Free admission.