Sheet music and music literature

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Alfrēds Kalniņš Music Reading Room collection of the National Library of Latvia is the largest specialized generally accessible sheet music and music literature collection (over 228,000 units) in Latvia.

The main field of activity of Music Reading Room is to create and preserve archives of Latvian composers' music – printed in Latvia and abroad, as well as hand-transcribed notes and copies. Since 2000 there are acquired also manuscripts of modern composers. The library boasts with a collection of orchestral scores what includes scores of the most requested orchestral repertoire. Printed publications which are in Latvian composer archive and orchestral music collection are issued to library users with a special permit – musicians who are authorized by managers of music-related institutions.

In Music Reading Room are valuable collected volumes of composers: Gioachino Rossini, Arnold Schoenberg, Georg Friedrich Händel, Joseph Haydn and other famous composers.

The library can boast with enough large collection of significant recent monographs for different reader groups. From a wide range of popular music the preference is given to reference editions, encyclopaedias and anthologies.

Music Reading Room has taken over compositions from several institutions – the Latvian Composers' Union, the Ministry of Culture and a part from the liquidated Operetta collections of sheet music – compositions of the post-war period, most of which are the only copies in Latvia. Library collection is regularly supplemented with mandatory copies of Latvian editions, acquisition of music literature and electronic resources from abroad, as well as by private donations.