Library Science Collection

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Library Science collection contains professional library branch information of Latvia and other countries – theory and reflection of practical experience. The basic task of collection – to provide library and information center staff, students and lecturers, as well as related branch professionals with diverse and modern information resources in library science, book science and information science.

Collection is formed by:

  • Books and continued editions,
  • professional periodicals,
  • subscribed online databases,
  • press material sets,
  • other information resources (gray literature, unpublished materials).

The total amount of the stock is about 20,000 units, including about 5,000 books, periodicals with 30 titles, as well as several thousandother branch resources of diverse content and types. Every year the collection is supplemented by about 200 book editions and 200 copies of periodicals. Proportionally the largest part of stock available in the Reading Room is in various foreign languages. Alongside with monographs and experience outlines devoted to issues actual for librarianship (information literacy, information work and information architecture, digital libraries and stocks digitization, electronic publications, cooperation of libraries, publicity and public relations, collections creation, library management and marketing, book science history and theory) in the collection are available also several unique branch collections – a wide range of reference resources for the branch (encyclopaedias, dictionaries, handbooks), summaries of the press materials devoted to the work of libraries, as well as various Latvian and foreign library work reports both in print and electronic form.

Latvian part of the branch collection, including several unique researches, issued in the 20th century and devoted to the work of libraries, is digitized and included in the Book portal of the National Library of Latvia.