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National Encyclopaedia
National Encyclopaedia


The National Encyclopaedia is a universal-knowledge, popular-science resource in the Latvian language being compiled on the basis of academic principles. The Encyclopaedia consists of electronic data accessed by keywords, but a special print volume about Latvia itself is prepared to mark Latvia's centenary (you can buy it at book stores). A long-term vision of continuous accumulation and improvement of knowledge underpins the creation and development of the Encyclopaedia. A concept has been developed in line with this vision, as has a plan for its future operation in the pertinent technological conditions.

The Encyclopaedia's content is built around keywords prepared by experts in different fields, and strategic supervision of the content is in the hands of the National Encyclopaedia Council, headed by the Minister for Culture. Content creation is determined by the Sectoral Editorial Board with 55 experts in different fields, but the creation of the illustration block is being facilitated by a number of illustration specialists on the Illustration Editorial Board. The Encyclopaedia's immediate creation process is being ensured by seven editorial staff. The Encyclopaedia is an autonomous component of the National Library of Latvia, and the Library and its staff are supporting the editorial board's practical functions.


National Encyclopedia Editorial Office
National Library of Latvia
Mūkusalas iela 3, Rīga, LV-1423

Phone: +371 67716066, +371 67716074