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The National Library of Latvia is the national cultural institution of importance under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture, acting in accordance with the law "On the National Library of Latvia", other laws and Regulation is approved by the Cabinet.

The mission of the NLL is to promote a creative use of cultural and scientific heritage supporting the growth of Latvia.

The vision of the NLL: The NLL is a cultural, scientific and educational center of national importance, which safeguards the published heritage of Latvia and the world, ensures its public accessibility and promotes its creative use. The NLL provides to its clients user-oriented services in both physical and digital environment. To implement this vision the NLL co-operates with other libraries and cultural institutions of Latvia and engages in international cultural processes.

The main areas of work of the NLL:

  • NLL as an open cultural, scientific and educational center.
  • Development of physical and digital holdings of the NLL.
  • Development of the national system of bibliographical data.
  • Services to the society.
  • NLL as a interdisciplinary competence center.
  • NLL as center for life-long education, literacy and information literacy.

The NLL cooperates with many libraries, organisations and institutions in Latvia and in the world with the aim of sharing professional experience and knowledge. The international activities of the NLL primarily include:

  • participation in international library organisations IFLA, CENL, CDNL, CERL, EBLIDA, ELAG, LIBER, IAML, IBBY, Bibliotheca Baltica, etc.;
  • participation in international organizations UNESCO, ISO, IASA, ICON, IGELU, IPC and agencies ISBN, ISSN and ISMN;
  • implementation of joint international projects and programs;
  • cooperation with international organisations, foreign embassies in Latvia and Latvia’s embassies abroad, information and culture centres to promote Latvia's cultural heritage and organise international exhibitions and conferences;
  • international document exchange and participation at international book fairs.

National Library of Latvia – Development strategy 2019–2023 (PDF)