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The National Library of Latvia is a state cultural institution of national importance, under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture, operating in accordance with the law "On the National Library of Latvia", Cabinet Regulation No 436 of 30 May 2006 – "Regulation of the National Library of Latvia", and other laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.

NLL mission: Maintaining the significance of the Library in a changing world.

NLL values:
Openness – The Library shall be accessible to everyone. Everyone is welcome in the on-site or virtual environment.
Competence – our knowledge is the foundation for growth.
Integrity – our work and professional relationships shall be based on a respectful and trustworthy attitude.

NLL vision: The NLL shall have a presence in the education of people of all ages, shall firmly embed itself in the academic environment and provide an inspiring cultural experience, assisting in the development of a smart, capable and skilled society.

The attainment of the NLL's intentions is based on five pillars

  1. The Library collection in the digital age
  2. The Library as an environment open to growth
  3. The Library collection as a unique and irreplaceable research resource and research into it
  4. Creating a cultural experience in the Library
  5. Driver of library-sector development

The NLL cooperates with many libraries, organisations and institutions in Latvia and in the world with the aim of sharing professional experience and knowledge. The international activities of the NLL primarily include:

  • participation in international organisations IFLA, CDNL, CENL, CERL, EBLIDA, EURIG, LIBER, Bibliotheca Baltica, IBBY, IAML, IASA, BAAC, IGeLU, IIPC, AABS, AEPM, CODART, CLRCLIS and ISBN, ISSN and ISMN agencies;
  • implementation of joint international projects and programs;
  • cooperation with international organisations, foreign embassies in Latvia and Latvia’s embassies abroad, information and culture centres to promote Latvia's cultural heritage and organise international exhibitions and conferences;
  • international document exchange and participation at international book fairs.

National Library of Latvia – Development strategy 2019–2023 (PDF)