• Discovery service "Primo"

    NLL is offering a new discovery service "Primo" that provides possibility to search within library created catalogues, online subscription databases and open access resources, simultaneously. Read more
  • Exhibition "Times Reflected in Ancient Manuscripts"

    Text and images, famous people's autographs and the originals of outstanding classics from Latvia's cultural history. Until 30.12.2017. in the NLL Exhibition halls (Level 5). Read more
  • Exhibition "Book in Latvia"

    A story of the history of Latvian book trade in a global context. Read more
  • Digital collection "In Search of Lost Latvia"

    The Collection accumulates unique information in pictures about lost and altered cultural heritage values of Latvia. Open
    Pļaviņas. Plūdi, 1979
  • Periodicals.lndb.lv

    The Collection of digital newspapers and journals. Open
    Picture from: Nedēļa, No.44 (1925), p.30